lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

A paradise in the Valley

Buenaventura is a city located in the Valle del Cauca, specifically at 128 km from Cali. Buenaventura is characterized as a rather quiet and warm at an average temperature of between 28 ° to 37 ° where people often spend much of the time in different trades such as fishing and complimentary maritime, mining, forestry. 

This city has an important fishing port where moving large amount of cargo volume around the country. 

The city's main activity is ecotourism, it has an extensive rain forest, besides the fact that being surrounded by a number of rivers generates a greater attraction to the place. 

During one of my visits to the city found a particular place where you alquirar sail boats and the sea in the company of anyone in the area. 

Near the city there are several beaches nearby as Juanchanco, the Bocana, Pianguita and Ladrilleros. If you choose to go to this destination you should definitely visit Malaga Bay for the months of August and September has arrive whales nearby waters allowing observe carefully. 

Another characteristic is found in its cuisine, for among the delicacies prepared by the natives is the fish stew, the Rio Shrimp and Coconut Rice 

Personally I quite enjoy a good Sudado Rice or Shrimp accompanied with a good drink. Normally in the city have deployed enough comidad post and restaurants for all tourists. 

Buenaventura is a great city with very nice people to meet and greet, come and visit this humble place!